Why should I meditate?

The importance and benefits of Meditation and Mindfulness


Why should I meditate? Is mindfulness really required for me? How can it help me in my life? Is this all a mere myth or really worth looking at?

If you have been fumbling around with these questions for quite some time now, then perhaps this short article would be a good read for you. Read more to understand the tremendous benefits of meditation and why we should live mindfully every moment of our life.


A Turbulent World of Chaos – Mental Health Issues on the Rise

Today, we live in a turbulent world of chaos. We suffer from high stress due to intense pressure at our workplace, increased competition, along with added responsibilities at home and societal expectations. We are also vulnerable to high distraction and unwanted exposure, because of extensive penetration of technology and gadgets, and easy access to internet and social media.

Unhealthy, fast and hectic lifestyles add to the stress. It does not help that our modern families offer low emotional support due to changes in the family structure, with the breakdown of the joint family system, dramatic increase in nuclear families, working partners and busy lives.

 All of the above have impacted us adversely. According to the World Health Organization, mental health issues are increasing worldwide. One out of four people suffer from mental illnesses today. Anxiety, depression and other behavioral disorders are among the leading causes of illness among people.


What is Meditation and Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment, through a gentle, loving and nurturing lens. It enables us to be aware of the present moment as it is, without judgement, thereby helping us to accept ourselves and the outside world more.

Meditation goes deeper. When we tame our monkey mind and go within ourselves, we then discover and connect with the beautiful silent space of joy and peace inside, thereby enabling a tremendous inner transformation.


The Immense Benefits of Meditation and Mindful living

The importance of meditation and mindfulness cannot be over-emphasized. This age-old practice followed since ancient times, has the potential to transform us into the best we can ever be, and help us lead happy, peaceful and fulfilling lives, irrespective of our life situation or circumstances. It is the best gift we can ever give to ourselves, our families, societies and the world in which we live in.

Let us learn to meditate and live mindfully. As we go inward and connect with ourselves within, we feel deep calm and peace inside.

  • * We then give the same peace and joy to the world outside. We develop the habit of happiness, that is not dependent on external circumstances.

    * We are more kind and compassionate to others. We form and cultivate deep and meaningful relationships.

    * We are more relaxed, with reduced stress, anxiety, anger or aggression, as we foster self-awareness and are able to manage difficult emotions better.

    * We grow strength and resilience to face life’s challenges and mature with natural conflict resolution skills.

    * Our focus and ability to pay attention improves, and we perform better, as the mind becomes stronger due to increased grey matter in the brain.

    * We are less prone to distractions as self-control increases.

    * We are able to overcome and change unhealthy habits more easily through inner alertness.

    * We are less susceptible to societal expectations and peer pressure through inner acceptance of ourselves and the world.

    * We improve in mental and physical health significantly.

    * We manage responsibilities with ease and perform exceptional work, being engaged in mindful activity.

    * We make better life decisions and solve issues creatively by connecting to the vast intelligence within.

    * We are able to nurture our inherent talents and untap our true potential, to provide service par excellence to this world.

On the whole, the way we relate to ourselves, with others and the world around us is more holistic and balanced. So, we evolve into wise, balanced and well-grounded adults with wonderful human values and ability to manage ourselves, our relationships and life effectively.

Also read this to know more about the scientific health benefits of meditation.

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“Our work is to educate people that the ultimate source of the happy individual, happy family, happy community, and finally happy humanity – even happy world—ultimately depends on warm-heartedness. This is not just the concern of religious people; it is the concern of humanity as a whole.”
– The Dalai Lama

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