Mindful Living and Meditation for
Kids, Youth, Adults and Families

“Inside every person, is a space…
A pure space of silence, peace, joy and love.
To connect and within and live from this deepness inside, is the ultimate purpose of life.”

Devshishu is a social enterprise that teaches mindful living and meditation to children, youth, adults and families. Our mission is to bring the immense benefits of meditation and mindfulness to, and transform the lives of as many people as possible.

We envision a beautiful world. A world of peaceful, happy and compassionate people, who live in harmony with each other and the environment of which they are part of. A world of peace, joy and love.

This is possible when there is an emergence of a new consciousness, that enables every person to discover the inherent goodness present in themselves. Devshishu helps you to discover this inner space within yourself, that beautiful space of nothing, which is the source of all goodness. It is from within here that real change happens; we are transformed into wise, peaceful and compassionate human beings, with the ability to untap our true potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives. From this inward change in every person, is born a new world, of peace, joy and love.

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Experience a Deep Calm, Peace and
Serenity within Yourself

How to respond to challenges and problems

Improve your focus and concentration

Meditation on the Heart

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About the Founder


Janani Ravikumar is the founder of Devshishu, and a globally certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and coach. She has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 22 years, and her teachings are based on the ancient spiritual practices of the East as well as the Western contemporary practices of mindfulness based on scientific research and studies.

She has helped several youngsters and adults, to improve their attention levels, overcome unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors, reduce their anger, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues, improve their sleep and overall, lead happier, healthier and fulfilling lives, through mindfulness-based programs and counselling.

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Janani Ravikumar




“Devshishu taught me spirituality the way no one else has ever taught me before, it completely transformed my life from a state of sorrow, anxiety and stress to one of happiness and joy. I will always be grateful to you for that.”

Ram K

Senior Data Engineer, Dell Foundation

“Very nice, and approach is really appreciating. Let me know for future programs, will be glad to attend them too.”

Dwaipayan Dutta

Technical Lead, Accenture

“Sharing my journey with Devshishu, it is path of self realisation and our inner God. The mindfulness sessions helped me every minute to be in stable mindset and make my life meaningful.”

B Kavitha

Senior Finance Specialist, US MNC



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