How to respond to challenges and problems

We all face challenges, and they are part of daily life. Especially, the smaller ones that occur now and then, can be annoying and stressful sometimes. How do we find our inner peace and calm in the midst of all this outside chaos? This video shows a way, through a moment-by-moment mindfulness practice that helps us to be aware of our deepest selves within. The more we are aware of our inner selves, the better we are able to manage ourselves, and thereby grow an enormous strength and resilience that helps us to face our life challenges with ease.

Improve your focus and concentration

This is a focused meditation practice, that shows you how to meditate or concentrate your mind on a specific form or an image. As you continue this practice regularly with the help of this guided meditation video, you will soon find that the stability of your mind improves, and consequently, negative emotions or mood-swings like anger, anxiety, sadness or excessive stress reduce significantly. Practice this regularly to experience improved peace and happiness in your life.

Meditation on the Heart

The heart is one of the major spiritual centers of our body, and the epi-center of all our feelings. So, meditating on our heart regularly helps us become more aware of our emotions and the consequent physical sensations, manage ourselves better and connect within ourselves in a meaningful way. This simple but powerful practice can completely heal our inner pain and emotional issues, transform us into the best we can be, and open the doors to a life of love and presence.

Body scan meditation

Body meditation is one of the most powerful yogic practices to connect with oneself within. This practice (also called as the yoga nidra) involves initially practising awareness of the gross physical body and external sense organs, and then connecting at a deeper level to our subtle body and the higher consciousness. This guided meditation video with the soothing voice and music would help you to calm down at the body level, and has a relaxing effect on our thoughts and feelings as well. This is especially good for people who suffer from sleep issues, anxiety, anger and management of negative emotions. It helps to heal us from within, but for best results, you must practice this every day.

Simple deep breathing for kids

This is a short guided meditation for kids, that teaches them the right way to breathe in a playful manner. Belly breathing is a simple but powerful technique to relax your young ones and reduce their stress, anxiety, anger and other difficult emotions. Babies intuitively breathe this way. However, as we grow up, we lose these healthy breathing habits and pick up fast, shallow breaths that increase tension and reduce oxygen flow to our body. So, here is a great way to practice belly breathing with your kids!

Reduce your child’s stress through balloon breathing

If your child is experiencing frequent mood-swings (like anger, sadness, anxiety, tiredness, boredom, etc.) that are disturbing you, then try this beautiful practice – balloon breathing. It is a simple practice that you can do along with your kids. Practicing meditation and mindfulness on a daily basis along with your kids helps to relax you both, improves bonding and encourages spending quality time together. Let us make this a movement and see the miracles that meditation and mindfulness bring to your family life!