“Inside every person, is a space…
A pure space of silence, peace, joy and love.
To connect and within and live from this deepness inside, is the ultimate purpose of life.”

Devshishu is a social enterprise that teaches mindful living and meditation to children, youth, adults and families. Our mission is to bring the immense benefits of meditation and mindfulness to, and transform the lives of as many people as possible.

We envision a beautiful world. A world of peaceful, happy and compassionate people, who live in harmony with each other and the environment of which they are part of. A world of peace, joy and love.

This is possible when there is an emergence of a new consciousness, that enables every person to discover the inherent goodness present in themselves. And to be, do and live by connecting with this goodness within oneself, that creates a beautiful world within and without.

Devshishu helps you to discover this inner space within yourself, that beautiful space of nothing, which is the source of all goodness. It is from within here that real change happens; we are transformed into wise, peaceful and compassionate human beings, with the ability to untap our true potential and lead happy and fulfilling lives. From this inward change in every person, is born a new world, of peace, joy and love.

We teach mindful living and meditation through our programs and workshops. We also offer programs to children and youth, who are the foundation of a world to come and the powerful agents of change. To this end, we work with families and educational institutions also, who are their primary care givers. Thus, we help to create mindful families and schools, that provide loving and nurturing environments for these saplings to flourish into strong and beautiful trees.

Our programs are deep and powerful, that come from love and presence, while also being simple, practical, and hands-on using stories, play, games, activities and real-life simulations to engage the interest of the learners. Being a social enterprise, we operate through a sustainable business model. Hence, we have made every effort to make our programs affordable to the masses, so as to enable maximum reach and impact.

Come, let us embark on this beautiful journey in which we are all one in the end. Let us make our world a loving and happy place. Let us give our most precious gift to ourselves, our families and this world – our true Self.


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About the Founder


Janani Ravikumar is the founder of Devshishu, and a globally certified meditation and mindfulness teacher and coach. She has been practicing meditation and mindfulness for over 22 years, and her teachings are based on the ancient spiritual practices of the East as well as the Western contemporary practices of mindfulness based on scientific research and studies.

She has helped several youngsters and adults, to improve their attention levels, overcome unhealthy habits and addictive behaviors, reduce their anger, anxiety, depression and other emotional issues, improve their sleep and overall, lead happier, healthier and fulfilling lives, through mindfulness-based programs and counselling.

Formerly a successful Chartered Accountant with more than fifteen years of experience in the corporate, she had suffered intense stress and burnout during her corporate career and was hospitalized. It was at this time, she resorted to mindfulness and meditation practices to heal herself. Consequently, the inner peace and joy that she discovered within, led her to quit her lucrative finance career and pursue her inner calling to become a teacher of mindfulness and help improve people’s lives. To spread this beautiful message and joy to others as well, especially the youth, became her mission in life.



  • Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher from Zenways, accredited by  the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.
  • Professional Counselling Certification under the Complementary Therapists Accreditation Association, and member of the International Association of Therapists.
  • Also certified in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Children & Adolescents Counselling by the International Association of Therapists.
  • Compassion Based Resilience Teacher (CBRT) with the Nalanda Institute of Contemplative Sciences.
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (200-hours YTT) from Bodsphere, accredited by the Yoga Alliance.
  • Compassion Cultivation Training (developed at the Stanford University) from the Compassion Education Alliance.
  • Mindfulness for Life (MBCT-L) from the Oxford Mindfulness Centre, University of Oxford.

A Note from Janani


Hello and welcome to Devshishu.

I am Janani, and I live in the serene city of Dharamshala (Himachal Pradesh, India), nested in the beautiful snow-capped Dhauladhar range of the Himalayan mountains. Few years back, I thought I had everything a person could wish for – I was an ambitious finance professional, well placed in a lucrative corporate career with a busy family life.

Over the years, however, I realized that success on the outside, be it name, fame, wealth, education, profession, relationships and so on, are meaningless if we are not aware of ourselves within. Deep introspection within and learning from several failures and disillusionments, I understood that chasing these can bring us happiness, but it is short lived.

We spend most of our lives running behind things that we really do not need or that do not matter, and finally complicate ourselves. In this mad pursuit, we forget ourselves and what really matters. We cause great harm to ourselves, the people around us and the environment in which we live in. We live as though we are immortal. Finally, when the day arrives when we have to go, we ask ourselves, ‘What did I ever do in my life?’, but it is too late then…

Let us make it simple. Let us uncomplicate.

What are our real needs? What do we truly want? And from where does true happiness come from?

Let us go within and discover ourselves, our true self.  Let us connect with our inner dimension, the deep space within us, that is of pure, unalloyed joy and peace. And let us be guided by this goodness as we travel the journey of our life.

As we become aware of and rooted in our inner Self, we slowly shed off our outer (false) image and roles, our opinions and grudges, our negativities, and realize that what we are searching for is right within us. We transform into the best we can ever be and create a beautiful world inside us, that also manifests on the outside.

After years of futile search for happiness outside, and tired of chasing ‘success’ in society’s popular parlance, I now live a simple, contended life by seeking happiness within myself. I also help people around me to connect within themselves, and lead joyous and meaningful lives. Especially our children and youth, who are easily moldable and the future of our world.

Being a mother of two kids, I understand the challenges and emotional roller-coaster ride that our youngsters go through in today’s complex modern world. Hence, the first and foremost thing that they must learn is to discover their inner world inside and connect with themselves within. This is the best way to make them self-aware and help them mature into happy, wise and compassionate adults with wonderful human values, which is what this planet needs most at the moment.

Once again, welcome to Devshishu. Welcome to Yourself.


Wish you peace, happiness and health,

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