Why should my child meditate?


kids meditation-Devshishu


My dearest Children,

Once upon a time, there was a happy genie called ‘Happy’. He was always jolly, happy and peaceful. He was also wise, strong and courageous. He did not know what fear or worry was. He was very genuine, loving and kind to everyone he met. Everyone liked him.

But one day, there came a devil. This devil was ‘Baddy’, as he brought fear, sadness, worry, anger and jealousy in people wherever he went. He made people lose their heads and made their hearts small. He made them doubt themselves and others, quarrel and act in mean ways which hurt others. So, there was a fight between Happy and Baddy. Happy put up a good fight, but Baddy finally won and imprisoned Happy in a small ball and buried him under the mud. Poor Happy! He could not come out of the ball and lay inside it for thousands of years. Until a small girl called Srimaa rescued him.

There is always a fight between Happy and Baddy within each us. When we get angry, sad, hurt, worried, jealous or doubt ourselves, we know that the Baddy within us has won. When we feel happy and peaceful, we are generous, kind and helpful to others, we are honest, courageous and free, we know that Happy has come within us. Whom do you want within you? And how can you bring Happy inside you?

Through meditation and mindfulness. The more we live mindfully, the more peaceful and happier we become. We are all full of peace and joy. However, somewhere along the way, we have lost this peace and happiness. It is buried deep under the mud and dirt within each one of us. And what is this mud and dirt? It is the Baddy who lives inside each one of us, who causes us anger, sadness, worry, fear, self-doubt, selfishness – when we stoop down to these levels, when we feel bad and miserable inside, when we give pain to ourselves and others, then BEWARE!

BE AWARE that Baddy has come within us. So now it is time to invite our Happy to us.

The picture above is my Happy genie. Do you like him? Now can you draw or make a Happy genie for yourself? Please make your Happy genie and show it to the world. Let us see whose Happy Genie is better!

To know more, enroll in our free meditation challenge for Kids (8-13 years). Also, please check out our mindfulness courses for children. See you all soon!

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